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Case Studies

Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar

The challenge:

Sidra designers wanted to ensure special considerations for patient privacy throughout the facility. Interior windows and doors needed to feature adjustable privacy options to accommodate both the requirements for patient privacy and for medical personnel to be able to monitor patient activity effectively. Designers also wanted to be able to control the impacts of sunlight in atria areas.

The solution:

Working with Framaco International, a leading U.S.-based construction management and procurement services firm, Unicel’s Vision Control® solution was selected after a careful consideration process. Vision Control® is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit combining louvers within glass that can be customized to virtually any shape for interior or exterior healthcare glazing applications. Its advanced louvered glazing technology eliminates strings, ensures alignment, requires no maintenance and provides the ideal privacy solution for ICUs, operating rooms, nurseries and more.

Sidra now features over 200 Vision Control® units in patient areas. The inpatient rooms are organized around three healing garden atria. The atria include the Vision Control® units to ensure privacy

Project details include:

  • Vision Control ® Mini with fan-shaped thumbwheels for one-sided operation, installed in both the clinic and hospital.
  • About half the units with 1 ¼” (31.75mm) thick airspaced Vision Control ® Minis, factory-glazed with custompainted door trims for installation into 1 ¾” (44.45mm) thick doors.
  • The remaining units with 1” (25.4mm) thick airspaces for windows and sidelights featuring custom-painted glass stops (both standard type and customized type stops).

“For us, it was critical to work with a manufacturer who had many years of experience and the technical understanding of the complexity of this challenging architectural initiative. Together with Unicel, we ensured delivery of the best privacy and shading products for this high profile project.”

Gilles Kacha, CEO, Framaco International


Architects: Ellerbe Becket/AECOM & Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects New York, NY
Sub-contractor for Architectural Doors & Hardware: 
Framaco International New York, NY
Integrated Louvers: Unicel Architectural Montreal, Canada