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HUS Lastenklinikka ICU (Helsinki Children's Hospital)

HUS Lastenklinikka (Children’s Hospital) intensive care unit (ICU) belongs to the HUCH Hospital Area and is located in Helsinki, Finland. The facility was originally founded in 1893 to promote pediatric medicine, and has seen great expansion and medical advances over the years. The ICU is part of a new facility completed in 2010 that also encompasses a surgical and anesthesia ward, and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit. The HUS Lastenklinikka is now considered the premier such facility in Finland.

The challenge:

Helsinki firm AW2 Architects were seeking an interior fenestration solution that would provide light throughout the ICU while allowing for adjustable privacy - all without compromising the unit’s arduous hygiene requirements.

Unicel’s solution:

Unicel Architectural supplied the following products:

  • Vision Control® Standard with EI 15 fire classification for the ICU partition walls between intensive care rooms and corridors
  • Vision Control® Standard for the ICU offices
  • Vision Control® Mini for the sliding doors leading to intensive care rooms


The project was recently completed and the ICU is in active use. The adjustable louvers provide flexible privacy options and control of light. As the louvers are hermetically sealed, the Vision Control® installation requires minimal cleaning to support strict hygiene standards. In addition, the Vision Control® installation provides an esthetically pleasing complement to the overall architectural design.

Key parameters:

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Completion: 2010
Program: New facility for ICU, surgery and MRI unit

Owner: New facility for ICU, surgery and MRI unit
Architect: AW2 Architects
Glazing Contractor: Vitrea Oy
Glass Manufacturer:  Unicel Architectural