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Community Hospital, McCook, Nebraska
Advancing patient-centered care

Community Hospital in McCook, Nebraska provides advanced care to 30,000 people in southwest Nebraska and northwest Kansas. This critical access facility excels in surgery care, rehabilitation programs, obstetrics and emergency care. With a dedication to providing quality, efficient and patient-centered services, Community Hospital opened a new 25-bed patient wing with all-private rooms. This patient wing is Phase 1 of a $21 million two-phase construction project to enhance healthcare for the residents of McCook and the surrounding area.

A focus on patient care and privacy:

Community Hospital wanted the new patient wing to create an optimal patient and recovery environment. Architects HDR Architecture, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska, set out to design rooms where patients would enjoy greater privacy and comfort.


HDR selected Unicel Architectural’s Vision Control® hermetically sealed glass units or insulating glass units (with integrated cordfree louvers) to ensure adjustable privacy in patient rooms and nursing stations. Over 30 interior windows and multiple doors feature Vision Control® units in white with aluminum thumbwheel operators.


Designed with the patient in mind, Community Hospital’s new patient wing offers comfort, technology and privacy. The new wing houses twenty-five large, all-private patient rooms with wheelchair accessible bathrooms. Warm, inviting patient rooms are furnished with beautiful laminate wood floors and paneled head walls while continuing the hospital’s color palette, the warm earth and nature-inspired tones reflecting the natural colors of Southwest Nebraska. Hermetically sealed glass units or insulating glass units (with integrated cord-free louvers) in interior windows allow for partial or complete privacy, and darkening as required. The integrated louvers also help attenuate noise for more tranquil recovery environments.

The nursing zone provides an area for the nurse to work freely and efficiently near the patient’s bedside. A computer in every patient room allows the nurse to enter admission assessments, care plans and charting, as well as order and view patient test results. All twenty-five patient rooms are identically laid out so that no matter what room the nurse is caring for a patient, it is familiar.

Supporting a decentralized nursing model, a built-in desk and computer outside every two patient rooms allow providers to electronically chart. At this desk, the nurse can also view the patients in two rooms at once through small monitoring windows without disturbing the patients. Vision Control® units permit nurses to angle louvers for discreet observation, or to close them for complete privacy. Additionally, their opaque interlocking louver blades block off 99% of light, ensuring that patients obtain a good night’s rest.

Architecst: HDR Architecture, Inc.
Insulating glass units with integrated louvers: Unicel Architectural Corp.