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Case Studies

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center:
Top U.S. hospital defines optimal patient experience

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (Cincinnati Children’s) ranks third among all Honor Roll hospitals in U.S. News and World Report’s 2012 Best Children’s Hospitals ranking. It is ranked #1 for neonatology and in the top 10 for all pediatric specialties. Cincinnati Children’s launched a focus on transformational improvement more than a decade ago. As a result, it has documented better patient outcomes and family experiences, a dramatic reduction in hospital-acquired infections, more reliable systems for delivering care safely, greater efficiency and timeliness, better management of hospital resources, and significant savings to the healthcare delivery system.

Facility upgrades

Part of transformational improvement includes facilities expansion and improvement. Cincinnati Children’s began providing specialized care for children more than 120 years ago. Since that time, the facility has grown from a small Cincinnati clinic to a large, multi-site medical center that cares for children from across the globe. This has involved significant new building expansions, upgrades to existing structures and extensive renovations to keep pace with both patient demands and medical advancements.

In keeping with its vision of the highest levels of patient and family experience, Cincinnati Children’s began installing Unicel’s Vision Controlsup>® hermetically sealed glass units with integrated louvers in 2007 in interior doors and windows to provide adjustable privacy in patient areas and to ensure optimal hygiene. From 2007 to 2013, Unicel has worked with Custom Glass & Glazing, LLC on 15 distinct Vision Controlsup>® installation projects in multiple campus locations making it the privacy-control product of choice for this award-winning medical facility. During this period, Unicel also worked with Geiger Vision LLC to install Vision Control® units in the Medical Office Building to ensure adjustable levels of visibility and improved sound attenuation.

As Cincinnati Children’s grows and evolves, their ongoing preference for Vision Control® underscores both the facility’s high standards for excellence and the product’s ability to provide optimal vision and privacy control within a germ-free, hygienic system.


Today Cincinnati Children’s is one of the largest, most comprehensive and respected pediatric hospitals and research centers in the United States. It has been widely recognized for its commitment to patient quality and safety, including a Picker Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Patient-Centered Care.