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Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

The context:

Recognized as one of the leading health care providers in the state of Arizona, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center decided to build a new facility in Glendale. The new additional capacity was designed to allow the medical center to pursue growth opportunities and maintain its leading position in the region.

The challenge:

The new Bed Tower and Expansion project was commissioned to the NTD Architects while the glazing operations were passed on to Walters & Wolf Construction Specialties. The new patient and exam rooms as well as the new operating rooms needed to be fitted to meet the high standards of hygiene, indoor air quality and privacy control that are required in healthcare facilities. Vision Control® insulated glass with integral louvers was chosen in order to minimize maintenance of the observation equipment and to create a germ-free environment.

Unicel’s solution:

For Unicel, it was the first time in Arizona that the company got involved in a project of such amplitude, being required to manufacture over 300 Vision Control® units.

The tenant improvements to the new building required half of the Vision Control® units to be installed in borrowed lites and the other half in doors, using Unicel’s trim kits. The units were manufactured with white blades and fan-shaped thumbwheel operators (the new white aluminum type) to accommodate the healthcare environment.

In 2007, Unicel manufactured another batch of Vision Control® units for the Children’s Hospital of the Banner Desert Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ, a member of the same health care system. This medical center incorporated yet another batch to be delivered in 2009.

Key parameters:

Location: Glendale, AZ
Gross square footage: 470,000 square feet (43,665 square meters)
Completion: 2010
Program: expansion, new patient tower, expanded emergency department

Owner: Banner Health
Architect: NTD Architecture
Glazing Contractor: Walters & Wolf, Inc.