The future of vision & daylight control

Specialty Glazing Vision Control®


Control of heat

Heat build-up is a primary concern when considering glazing solutions. Vision Control® and Vision Control® Mini offer the ideal approach for controlling heat flow resulting from conduction and solar exposure. Thanks to the fingertip control mechanism (manual or electric) which allows louvers to rotate 180 degrees, the quantity and quality of light transmission is controlled effectively and precisely. Furthermore, Vision Control® reduces glare and protects against fading due to damaging UV rays.

Even opened, Vision Control® will block heat more efficiently than most glass products while offering a perfect light reveal. Half-opened, the performance is still convincing and the amount of interior light is still pleasantly noticeable. Closed, Vision Control® blocks solar exposure to almost 100% and acts as a shield against heat during peak hot summer periods.

For heat control, Vision Control® is used in atriums, solariums, office buildings. Also, for light control, it is ideal for libraries, museums (where it protects books and exhibits from UV rays), audiovisual conference rooms etc.

When installed in exterior applications, Vision Control® provides significant thermal performance and substantial energy savings, resulting in an important decrease in capital cost and annual operational energy cost. Vision Control® functions as a reflecting medium to reduce excessive solar heat, thereby reducing air conditioning requirements. Unlike conventional windows with Venetian blinds, the rays are reflected back outside before penetrating into the interior space, preventing heat build-up indoors. In cold climates, the louvers can be opened parallel with the sun’s rays allowing them to pass unhindered, maximizing usage of solar heat.

According to recent research, Vision Control® exceeds the double glazing performance in both warm and cold climates and it surpasses triple glazing in reducing cooling power consumption. Moreover, the thermal performance of Vision Control® secures a comfortable indoor temperature level. Thanks to these energy-saving features, Vision Control® helps architectural projects qualify for LEED credits.