The future of vision & daylight control

Specialty Glazing Vision Control®


Exterior wall applications

When used in exterior punched or strip window applications, no matter where it is installed (cold or warm climates), Vision Control® proves its unique thermal performance, helping to reduce the peak cooling and heating loads. Since the blades are sandwiched between insulating glass, the light propagates through the exterior glass layer, but the louvers reflect the solar heat back outside and diminish its effects thanks to the air space and the second glass layer. Therefore, Vision Control® reduces excessive solar heat and glare, protecting against fading due to damaging U.V. rays. This is why this application is recommended for art galleries, museums, libraries, photo archives, gymnasiums.

Many applications involve a fixed window system with no operable sashes. To allow fresh air into the interior space, an alternative to using operable windows would be to incorporate Vision Control® in an exterior wall application in conjunction with a natural ventilator. This would result in an added supply of fresh air, thus offering a source of well-being, health and quality of life.

Vision Control® can also be used with partial louvers that act as a light shelf, reflecting natural light further into the building. This provides the facility owners with substantial energy savings, due to reduced need for artificial lighting resulting in an important decrease in annual operational energy cost.

Unicel specialty glazing, exterior punched or strip window applications, Canada, United States.