The future of vision & daylight control

Specialty Glazing Vision Control®

What is specialty or louvered glazing?

Specialty or louvered glazing solutions are insulating glass units incorporating cord-free, extruded aluminum louvers inside the airspace cavity to provide the ideal daylighting or privacy solution for commercial, residential, educational, healthcare or institutional environments. Aluminum louvers provide compelling advantages over standard blinds for architectural glazing solutions in terms of quality, durability and low maintenance requirements.

How is speciality or louvered glazing used?

Louvered glazing can be used for almost any interior and exterior glazing applications. Whether you need shading systems, vision control, privacy glass, sound or daylight control, Unicel provides a superior louvered glazing alternative to any vision or daylight control requirements.

About Louvered Glazing – Vision Control®

Vision Control® is the market-leading product for superior daylight and vision control – louvered glazing that replaces blinds in windows, integral blinds, and other shading systems for unmatched function and performance.

Vision Control® is a patented, hermetically sealed glass unit, combining louvers within glass that can be customized to virtually any shape for interior or exterior glazing applications. Its advanced louvered glazing technology eliminates strings, ensures alignment and requires no maintenance. When installed in exterior applications, Vision Control® significantly reduces energy consumption in support of LEED certification requirements.

Vision Control® offers unprecedented control over:

  • Vision - completely adjustable privacy and visibility levels
  • Light - optimal light distribution and prevention of unwanted glare, heat and UV rays
  • Heat - solar heat barriers for optimal thermal performance
  • Sound - sound wave barriers for tranquility in any setting

Vision Control® offers tremendous advantages over other interior shading systems - such as sandblasted glass, integral blinds, curtains, shades and liquid crystal glass solutions - with its hermetically sealed structure and cordless approach. Vision Control® also provides significant advantages over exterior shading systems - such as ceramic frit glass, integral blinds, curtains, shades and integral fixed blades – by delivering superior control, flexibility and ease of use.

For discerning architectural glazing requirements across healthcare, educational, and institutional sectors, Vision Control® lends itself perfectly to almost any interior and exterior glazing applications that demand comfort, control and performance.

    • Stands the test of time
    • Delivers outstanding quality
    • Pays for itself
    • Requires no maintenance
    • Drives energy efficiency
    • Ensures hygiene, privacy and comfort
    • Looks good

Unicel’s patented Vision Control® louvers-in-glass combined with Pilkington Pyrostop® glazing from TGP is UL fire protection classified. Vision Control® insulating glass units now incorporate glazing with fire-ratings of 45, 60 and 90 minutes. The combined Vision Control® and Pilkington Pyrostop® glazing assembly has been UL fire-rated for doors, windows, transoms and sidelights.

Our Newest Features!

1. Faster gear operation – The opening and closing of louvers is vastly facilitated with new crank handle and knob hardware that doubles the speed of operation.

2. Fire-rated trims – Specialized steel trims for doors provide 20-minute fire protection with the use of Firelite Plus® glazing by Technical Glass Products.

3. Curtain wall adapter – A laboratory-tested aluminum adapter profile for exterior applications seamlessly transitions required thicknesses of Vision Control® into standard 1’’ curtain wall glass pockets without the need for modification.

4. Argon in airspace – Vision Control® units with argon-filled airspaces now maximize thermal performance by reducing conductive and convective heat transfers when louvers are in open position.