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Reflections – architectural insights for vision and daylight control

Reflections’ mission is to provide useful glazing and shading information to architects who seek to employ the most advanced and sustainable design approaches for vision and daylight control. Reflections is sponsored by Unicel Architectural.

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Issue #27 - Glass house with load-bearing timber curtainwalls
Issue #26 - Sliding Doors that Optimize Patient Care in a Cardiovascular ICU
Issue #25 - Design for Safer Schools & Colleges
Issue #24 - Importance of non-jamming controls for privacy solutions
Issue #23 - Unicel & the Net Zero Capable Solar-powered House
Issue #22 - Healthcare Design: Cleaner, Safer, More Accessible Window & Door Operators
Issue #21 - Making our Schools Safer
Issue #20 - Use of louvers-between-glass can contribute up to 31 LEED certification credits
Issue #19 - Impact of Integrated Louvers on Heat Transfer and U-values
Issue #18 - Specifying privacy and shading solutions – pick the right product for best results
Issue #17 - Autism’s special design requirements
Issue #16 - White Paper on Design for Daylight and Energy Optimization
Issue #15 - Using Aedicules as Top-Lighting
Issue #14 - Vision Control integrated louvers – over 80K installed!
Issue #13 - Why Door and Window Design Matters in Psychiatric Facilities
Issue #12 - Improving Patient Outlooks through Privacy Enhancement and Noise Reduction
Issue #11 - Setting new benchmarks for patient-centered care
Issue #10 - Ebola and Hospital Design
Issue #9 - Designing skylights for the toughest performance requirements
Issue #8 - 50 Years and What Have We learned?
Issue #7 – Making the Case for Skylights
Issue #6 – Hospital Design Trends: Reducing Patient Stress
Issue #5 – Morgan State University: LEEDing by Example
Issue #4 – Designing for healing environments in healthcare facilities
Issue #3 – Rethinking approaches for vision and daylight control
Issue #2 – Privacy meets safety in hygienic healthcare design
Issue #1 – Daylight-friendly design; 10 tips for daylight optimization